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👋 Welcome to Nerdrobe! 👋

Home of the $10 nerdy shirt, and the epicenter of all things awesome

We're Nerdrobe

pleasure to meet you

We're a scrappy little husband & wife team with a vision to make badass nerdy shirts affordable again. So, we bought a shirt press, taught ourselves how to print, and we're seeing our vision through.

Our shirts are always $10 each. We firmly believe in people over profits, so our prices will never increase. But there's a catch! You don't get to choose the color of the shirt. We buy our shirts in allotments of random colors to keep our prices reasonable, so we can't guarantee your size and color choice will be in stock.

Got a question Here's some answers.

I can't select a color!

Nope. Embrace the surprise!

Do you ship internationally?

As long as you can receive mail, we can get it to you. But the shipping rates might be outrageous, so please don't send us hate-mail over the cost.😢

I don't like any of your designs.

Sorry. We're always adding new ones, but if you haven't liked any of them, then you have the right to send us hate mail I suppose.

I ordered my shirt, but it's been a week and I haven't received it.

We have a dedicated printing and shipping schedule. All orders are fulfilled by Tuesday, and mailed on Wednesdays. So if you place an order on a Wednesday, it's going to take a week to process and be sent out.

Is there a limit on how many I can buy?

Not really. If you have a large order, just get in contact with us to work out a fulfillment schedule.

I'm with X Company, will you print up some shirts for us?

Definitely, maybe! Higher chance if you're an open source project. Reach out to us at

Can I design a shirt?

Sure! We can probably work out some commission deal if you'd like to. If it gets too complicated, we might revoke the offer.

I have an idea for a shirt!

Send it to us, if you'd like. You could also try Printful or Teelaunch.

This site is ugly. I hate you. The idea is stupid.

We can still be friends. ❤️